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Brobo is a huggable night-light. In addition to plush toys, Brobo and friends can be seen in cartoons (they have their own YouTube channel) and storybooks. Canadian artists Kim Blair and Jeff Lai have designed the series of five plush characters:

Brobo is a brave red robot from the future. He likes adventures and learning.
Pep is a pink robot sweetheart. She likes cupcakes and sharing.
Trex is a big orange dinosaur robot. He likes pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Mumu is a ninja robot mummy. He likes vacations and hip-hop.
Dog is a blue puppy robot. He likes walks in the park and fetch.

For this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Dog and Trex plush toys.

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The Facts

Manufacturer: Keiji, Inc.
Artists: Kim Blair and Jeff Lai
Material: Plush with night-light
Dimensions: Around 13” tall/long
Designs: Brobo, Dog, Mumu, Pep, and Trex
Pricing: $29.99 ea.

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Each tag features an illustration of the character as well as a list of his or her likes.

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Our Opinion

So here’s how it works. Each Brobo plush has a black and yellow embroidered circle placed somewhere on it. (The Dog has it on its’ tail and Trex has it on its’ hand) You place that against the light unit to turn it on. You can then cycle through the three different settings (bright mode, dim mode, and off) by touching tapping it against the light.

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The light is pretty bright. It could definitely be used as a night light for your youngsters, and is made of a soft plastic. Also, it has a little vibration pack in there. So every time you change the mode it vibrates. (I’d equate it to a cell phone placed on vibrate)

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Each plush needs 3 AA batteries, which will add some extra weight. I don’t see this being a play toy for kids; it’s more of a functional night-light that they can keep on their bed. I know my 3 year old enjoyed turning the light on and off more than playing with the toy character.

Brobo Dog 05

The characters have a Manga/Anime look to them with those big, sad eyes. While I reviewed the Trex and Dog plush toys, I think the standout (as far as character design) might be Mumu – not often that you see a mummy robot...or a robotic mummy.

To purchase one, check out the following: $29.99 each

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