Plaseebo Rampage Nite Gamer 1

Plaseebo is pleased to offer the Rampage Night Gamer and Brain Pet set. Jon of Rampage Toys in Tokyo has created an ultra-limited edition of just five sets.

Each set is comprised of two figures: a 7" tall orange vinyl Night Gamer hand-painted in metallics, masking and neons, and a 4.5" tall hand-painted "Brain Pet" that is a mash up of Ugly Unicorn legs and the Plaseebo "Brain" sculpt. The set also includes a handmade chain leash that can be removed or attached to the Brain pet as you like with an elastic strap for the Night Gamer to hold.

Signed and numbered by Jon, the Rampage Night Gamer and Brain Pet sets will be available on Saturday April 6th 2013 from the Plaseebo web shop for $400.00 per set.

Plaseebo Rampage Nite Gamer 3 Plaseebo Rampage Nite Gamer 2

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