Just in time for the Holiday this coming weekend, Bob Conge has announced a new 8" resin will be coming on Sunday March 31st 2013 from Plaseebo.

Plaseebo Easter Chicks Gone Wild

© Bob Conge 2013

Remember all those yellow baby balls of fuzz and feathers taken from their mothers at three days old and offered for sale at Easter from the five and dime or Agway stores ? Quasi parents would offer them to their mauling offspring as cute and cuddly temporal pets to go peeping through the next three weeks or so until the malnourished and exhausted chicks lost their novelty and outgrew their cuteness.

A few were fortunate enough to be dropped off at local farms as orphans to live out life at the bottom of the pecking order. The majority however met a much less desirable end. By mid April the annual country wide genocide was in full swing at the hands of unfeeling nazified mothers and fathers. A flush of the toilet and they were done till next March. Thus annually reenforcing the unspoken lesson for their children, "If you are not cute, you are worthless !"

Well as chicken karma would have it, in 1958 some of the besieged chicks were dumped one night on a dirt road near an abandoned farm in Alamagordo New Mexico. The empty farm sat on the fringe of the Nevada Proving Ground for atmospheric atomic testing and the lost chicks found endless fields of irradiated corn and ponds filled with water that would glow green at night.

Only two years later they were thirty-eight feet tall and were eating everything they could pick apart with their razor sharp beaks. Throwbacks to their dinosaur ancestors, they began attacking cars on lonely night highways and eating the tasty humans inside the metal eggs.

How cute.

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