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The Ubooly is a newly released plush that allows you to turn your iPod or iPhone into an interactive toy. You'll just need to download the app from the App Store (for free) and enter the code included with your Ubooly plush.

The Ubooly app works with the iPhone (3GS, 4 and 5) and the iPod Touch (4 and 5). With that app, you can play trivia games and play pretend, and the Ubooly will “tell stories with fun choices, jokes, fun facts, and can play music”. There's also a videogame you can play that doesn't need the plush or code to work.

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The Facts

Manufacturer: Ubooly Inc
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 6” tall by 5” wide
Accessories: Unlock code for app
Pricing: $29.95

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The Ubooly comes packaged in a window-front box. It features plenty of pictures, illustrations and information on all four sides. Inside, the plush has a little illustrated card in the place your phone would be found. Don't lose this, because your unlock code is printed on the rear.

Our Opinion

With a toy like the Ubooly, you really need to take a look at two elements: the plush and the app.

The Ubooly only comes in one color – orange. For me...that's perfect. But that appears to be it for now. While there is an embroidered face on the plush, the idea is that you'll want to slide your iPhone or iPod into the pouch. You get there by unzipping the orange zipper on the top of the Ubooly's head.

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The cute, soft plush is filled with memory foam, so you shouldn't be super-worried about junior dropping it on the floor. I guess you'll still need to be wary about the front opening, but I'd still feel fine giving the Ubooly and an old iPod to my 3 year old.

I've run across a number of plush toys that include interactive elements tied to your iPhone or iPod, but they're ultimately only as good as the app. I've never seen an app with so much content as the Ubooly. The childish Ubooly voice asks you if you want to play a game, listen to a story, bust out some music, or hear to some facts.

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I've noticed that the app doesn't always listen to what you have to say. For instance, if the Ubooly asks if you want to hear a story and you say no...it might just go off and tell you a rambling tale anyway. And those stories are very detailed and very stream of consciousness. It's pretty entertaining.

But I think that kids will love the Ubooly. It's a cute little plush in its own right, and then you add the interactive app to give you some great playability. The Ubooly site also states that your Ubooly will update with new applications every month for the all important repeat playability. Like I said earlier...there's a lot of content there, so I feel like the plush plus the interactive elements are well worth the $29.95 price tag.

You can pick one up at the following:

Ubooly.com: $29.95

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