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Lamby Lambpants is “a sassy and precocious stuffed animal with a very obvious physical impairment”. That impairment is that he's missing an eye, which has been covered up with a prosthetic bottle cap (it’s what gives Lamby his magic power to bring other toys to life).

Produced by Love & Fleece (that's the company's name...although I'm sure a little love and a lot of fleece went into the production of each Lamby), this is the first in their planned line of plush Cuddle Toys, each with a special flaw and a unique story.

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The Facts

Lamby Lambpants Cuddle Toy
Series: Cuddle Toys
Manufacturer: Love & Fleece
Artist: Byron Patterson
Material: Polyester fleece and denim pants
Dimensions: 12” tall
Accessories: Code for exclusive online content
Pricing: $24.95

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Our Opinion

Lamby Lambpants is for that little kid in your life...or maybe the little kid trapped inside of you (hopefully, not literally). The character and background story are tailored for those little tikes. And Lamby's one simple rule (spread the happy, not the cranky) is one that most parents can support.

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I also feel that collectors might get a kick out of this plush. It's a lamb wearing jeans, no shirt, with a bottle cap over his eye, with a cauliflower ear growing out of his butt, espousing the importance of peace and love. Is that Riders On The Storm I hear in the background?

While Lamby is missing an eye, he does have a bottle cap covering it from interested onlookers. Although, if I didn't know the background story, it might have been difficult to figure out what that exactly was. Maybe a first place ribbon?

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The overall quality of the plush is pretty good. It has one feature that I always like in a collectible plush – 360˚ twistable arms. Also, those lamb pants are case Lamby feels the need to strut around au naturel.

As far as extras...there's a code included that allows you exclusive online content. And for every Lamby Lambpants toy Love & Fleece sells, they will give one to a child in need.

You can pick one up at the following: $24.95

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