Silhouettes Cover

Several months back, Titan Books released the first book from UK artist Olly Moss. Silhouettes From Popular Culture is a 144 page hardcover that features full-page silhouettes of some of the most recognizable characters from pop culture. 

Olly says he "drew characters from the side and cut them out of paper using powerful industrial lasers". Whatever the process, paging through the black and white (there are some colors scattered throughout) silhouettes is thoroughly entertaining.

I try to consider myself a movie and television buff, so it's fun to sit down with this book and see how many characters I can guess. They're all untitled. One thing to would be nice if somewhere in the back there was an index documenting each silhouette's source character. Either you get it or you don't.

Currently, you can pick up the book from Amazon for $11.53 (although that price changes by the minute).

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