Hamill Strife Sire Bait 1

BAIT has announced a store exclusive version of Nathan Hamill's Strife & Sire figure set - the Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice" version.

Limited to 100 pieces, the Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice Edition" is a two-piece figure that stands at a total of seven inches tall. The toy depicts Strife the warrior imp in an intense red to represent his undying loyalty to the fallen god Sire, whose skull is painted in a cool blue to complete the contrasting fire and ice theme.

The BAIT-exclusive release will launch with a special in-store signing event that will take place at the flagship store in Diamond Bar on January 19th 2013 from 5PM - 7PM. Mini prints will be included with each purchase of the figure. 

The Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice Edition" will retail for $50.00. They will be available through BAITme.com the day after the in-store launch (January 20th).

Hamill Strife Sire Bait 2

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