Suckadelic Toy Lords

DKE Toys and Suckadelic present “Toy Lords of Chinatown”, presented live in Suck-a-Vision, on Saturday, November 3rd 2012 at Designer Con 2012 in the Pasadena Convention Center.

Episodes 1-3 will be playing throughout Designer Con.  Complete with shameless product plugs and familiar villains, Toy Lords will blow you away with its classic New York no-budget sci-fi hijinx. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Villainy, Cameos by the hottest designer toy A-Listers as well as a few local bums. It's all here in this jam-packed triple feature of crap at its finest.

Free with admission to Designer Con.

Suck Con Suckathon

DKE Toys is also presenting the following at Designer Con 2012:

• The Second Annual Suckathon featuring the Super Sucklord live streaming from Noon to 5:00PM. You can watch at
• The Super Suck Up! Customized Sucklord figure editions by actual artists!
Sucklord Retrospective Art Show - A Losing Proposition: 2004-2012
• Play stupid games at the Suckcarnival! Win a talking plush Sucklord.

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