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Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the newest addition to their sixth-scale G.I. Joe license - the COBRA meanie - Major Bludd. Available in both Regular and Sideshow Exclusive Editions, the 12-inch figure is slated to begin shipping in June 2013. Both of those versions can currently be pre-ordered for $174.99.

Sideshow GI Joe Major Bludd 3

The Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure features:

• Helmet (Removable)
• Detailed reactive armor heavy chest plate
• Armor enhanced cybernetic arm featuring fully articulated fingers
• Multi-barreled sabot rail gun, includes 3 fin stabilized sabot darts
• Detachable harness stores 4 additional fin stabilized sabot darts
• 9mm sub-machine gun, includes 4 magazines
• .50 caliber heavy barreled revolver
• Major Bludd's dog tags and bloody dog tag 'trophies'
• Detailed combat boots with boot knife and sheath
Sideshow Exclusive: Alternate portrait with scarred eye and clip-on augmented optical unit

Sideshow GI Joe Major Bludd 2 Sideshow GI Joe Major Bludd 4

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