Dudebox Parsons

This October at New York Comic Con, Parsons The New School for Design and Dudebox, the UK-based vinyl collectible company, will debut toy concepts by Parsons BFA Illustration students developed through a recent collaboration. Working either on computer or by hand, students created dozens of unique characters, complete with their own complex origin stories, likes and dislikes, and even smells. Parsons and Dudebox have narrowed down the field to four finalists, whose work will be presented at New York Comic Con. The winner, who will have his or her toy placed into production by Dudebox, in addition to receiving a cash prize, will be announced at a press event at the Dudebox booth (Booth #2915) on October 11 2012 at 6:30PM.

The four finalists are as follows:

• “Bob” by Loren Kang, is a sailor from Planet Pepp who is rendered in simple black, white, and red, and has two faces, one on each side of his head, which help him express his emotions.
• “Mr. Sir” by Anastasia Lonkin, is a proper-looking gentleman, with a monocle and smartly waxed moustache, who enjoys tea and biscuits as much as Red Bull and Doritos.
• “Glam Greaser” by Katrina Richter, looks like a character from an outer-space production of Grease with her leopard jacket and kerchief. She likes to rock out with her band, The Knuckle Sandwiches.
• “The Rallin” by Cindy Tan, is a shy, gentle creature who grazes on plastic at the edges of landfills and whose scales – intricately designed overlapping triangles hand-painted by Tan -- change color depending on its diet.

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