Seymour (Peter Kelk) has been busy...recently completing new works for New York Comic Con and the latest show at the Stranger Factory gallery. Seymour will be attending New York Comic Con 2012 and will be showing a bunch of sculpture and print work in the Strychnin Gallery Booth #1780.

Seymour NYCC 2

This special poster - exclusive to NYCC - is called ‘The Colonial Crusaders’. "Basically it’s the ‘Justice League’ in Colonial American times." The poster is limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces.

Seymour NYCC 1

He's also created a sculpture of the Colonial Crusader Batman character. This a one-off piece and is made from mix of clays and resins and comes cased in a completely handmade display box. The sculpture has interchangeable heads and arms so you can turn the character into a Zombie version. This will also be available at NYCC.

Seymour NYCC 3 Seymour NYCC 4

Also, Peter has included (pictured below) the piece he created for the Bewitching II show at the Stranger Gallery. The piece is titled ‘The Masquerade’ and is also made from clays and resins, hand painted and cased in a customized vintage clock body.

Seymour NYCC The Masquerade

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