Mezco Booth #1960

Mezco Frank BW 1

Frankenstein Black and White Version
100 pieces


Argonaut Resins/Xmoor Studios Booth #2479

Argonaut Resins Cleopatra Tuttz Cinton Yaws

Friday October 12th 2012
Cleopatra Tuttz by Clinton Yaws
1 piece


Adam Pratt Tuttz 1

Friday October 12th 2012
Beginnings by Adam Pratt
1 pieces

Tuttz Poster NYCC

Tuttz in Berlin Print
Artist Gretchen Zweigeh
50 prints


Argo 4 Yr Gato Muerto

Gato Muerto t-shirts

Kidrobot Booth #2909

Kidrobot rsin Dunny Agent K

Agent K 3" Dunny
By Rsin and Kidrobot
1,200 pieces


Dudebox Booth #2915

Dudebox Pete Fowler 1

Dai Ocean by Pete Fowler
300 pieces


Dudebox NYCC Eugene

Eugene McGeekson by Andreas Krapf
300 pieces

Dudebox NYCC Franken

Franken by Riccardo Bucchioni
300 pieces

Dudebox NYCC Conzo

Taps Aff! by Conzo
300 pieces

Dudebox Fib Fairy

Pete Fowler and Fiends Vinyl
Fib Fairy by Tristan Eaton

Clutter Magazine Booth #3004

Clutter Fat Tony

Friday, October 12th 2012 at Noon
Clutter Exclusive Pink Fat Tony by Ron English
50 pieces



Super7 Booth #3009

Super7 Mongolion Cosmic

Cosmic Mongolion
Lamour Supreme

Super7 Taoking Meltdown

Meltdown Taoking
Geof Darrow and Frank Miller

ESC-Toy Booth #3015

ESC NYCC 2012 Checklist 1
ESC NYCC 2012 Checklist 2

ThreeA Toys Booth #3105


World War Robot NYCC EMGY Mighty Square - $155.00
3A EMGY t-shirt w/ Artillery Shell Container - $50.00

    Thursday, October 11th - 6:00PM
    Friday, October 12th - 1:00PM
    Saturday, October 13th - 1:00PM
    Sunday, October 14th – Any remaining product, sold all day

MonsterPants Booth #3116

Monsterpants Seaborg Gold NYCC

Sea-Borg Gold by James Felix McKenney
20 pieces


Monsterpants Seaborg Queens

SB-111 Sea-Borg Queen
SB-112 Sea-Borg-Siren
SB-113 Sea-Borg Nix

NYCC Monsterpants Invaders

IV-101 - Invader Death
IV-102 - Invader Demon
IV-103 -
Invade Decay
$25.00 each

Mutations NYCC

Sea-Borg Mutations
$20.00 - $30.00 each

Tenacious Toys Booth #3121

Furry Feline Black Purridge

​Furry Feline Creatives
"Black Candycat"
10 pieces

Tenacious JPK

Toy2R + Jon-Paul Kaiser
Blue Pandaimyo 5-inch Mini Qee
300 pieces


VISEone Tube Monsters 1

VISEone's Tube Monsters Debut

Hamill Strife Sire

Strife & Sire
Nathan Hamill
Signing on Friday, October 12th 2012 at 3:00PM

Bad Applez INC NYCC 1 Bad Applez INC NYCC 2 Bad Applez INC NYCC 3 Bad Applez INC NYCC 4 Bad Applez INC NYCC 5 Bad Applez INC NYCC 6 Bad Applez INC NYCC 7

Bad Applez Inc

Onell Design Booth #3216

Godbeast NYCC 2

The GodBeast
Monster Kolor Clawshine
25 pieces


Kabuto Mushi
1 piece

NYCC Octo Armorvor 1

Onell Design, Jason Frailey, and The GodBeast
Octo Armorvor

NYCC Cyborg Space Barbarian 1

Infernicus by Ben Spencer
6 pieces


Monster Worship Release Schedule
Thursday October 11th: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
(Releasing limited quantities of: CFF, RH and AB)
Friday October 12th: 4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM (Releasing: Mini GB, Heksen, Kusogon, CFF, RH, AB)
Saturday October 13th: 4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM (ALL).

MW NYCC Altar Beast

Altar Beast - Glow Colorway
Monster Worship

MW NYCC Black Heksen

Thee Black Heksen - Black Unpainted Colorway
Artist - Dwid Hellion

Monster Worship
Price TBA

MW NYCC Cannibal Fuckface

Cannibal Fuckface - Glow Colorway
Artist Johnny Ryan

Monster Worship

MW NYCC Mini Greasebat

MINI GREASEBAT - Black Unpainted Colorway
Artist Jeff Lamm

Monster Worship
Price TBA

MW NYCC Greasebat

Greasebat - Glow Remix Colorway
Exclusive to the Designer Toy Awards Show
Artist Jeff Lamm

Monster Worship

MW NYCC Rottweiler Herpes

Rottweiler Herpes - Glow Colorway
Artist Johnny Ryan

Monster Worship

OMFG Stealth NYCC 1

October Toys
NYCC Exclusive Stealth Series 1 OMFG
Booth #3216 (Friday from 4:00PM to 7:00PM)
Booth # 3261 (Friday - Sunday)
200 sets
$10.00 per set


Toy Tokyo Booth #3303

Cosmos Lonely Giant

Studio Eccentrina
Avri Rozen-Zvi
Cosmos, the Lonely Giant
5 pieces

MyPlasticHeart Booth #3313

Andrew Bell Glop NYCC
Bevil NYCC


Monster Island Booth #3317

Splurrt NYCC
Sewer Creep

Ian The Sewer Creep
Mikee Riggs of Toys Are Sanity

MadKnits Booth #3322

Madknits Wiley NYCC

Wiley plush
25 pieces

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