Monster Worship will be at the Onell Design Booth #3216 at the following times:

Thursday October 11th: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Releasing limited quantities of: CFF, RH and AB)
Friday October 12th: 4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM (Releasing: Mini GB, Heksen, Kusogon, CFF, RH, AB)
Saturday October 13th: 4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM (ALL).

Their list of exclusive releases includes the following:

MW NYCC Altar Beast

Altar Beast - Glow Colorway

MW NYCC Black Heksen

Thee Black Heksen - Black Unpainted Colorway
Artist - Dwid Hellion
Price TBA

MW NYCC Cannibal Fuckface

Cannibal Fuckface - Glow Colorway
Artist Johnny Ryan

MW NYCC Mini Greasebat

MINI GREASEBAT - Black Unpainted Colorway
Artist Jeff Lamm
Price TBA

MW NYCC Greasebat

Greasebat - Glow Remix Colorway
Exclusive to the Designer Toy Awards Show
Artist Jeff Lamm

MW NYCC Rottweiler Herpes

Rottweiler Herpes - Glow Colorway
Artist Johnny Ryan

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