Sewer Creep

NYCC-goers, consider this your first and only warning to GTFO because NYC is about to get a whole lot scummier. Originally a gang of ragtag punks and skaters who hung around the waste tunnels of Pelican City, a toxic spill turned the defiled Sewer Creeps from no-good hoodlums into no-good mutants! And now, after months of living in dumpsters, skulking the sewers and doing whatever is necessary to survive, Sewer Creep gang leader Ian is taking a step into daylight for the first time ever this weekend as a part of New York Comic Con.

The brain child of rabid Kaiju collector Mikee Riggs of Toys Are Sanity, Ian The Sewer Creep is a 7-inch tall sofubi vinyl. Designed by Riggs and sculpted by Papagrim Toys, Ian will debut in black factory paint and hand-painted versions at the NYCC Monster Island Booth #3317. Factory paints will run $60.00, with custom prices TBA.

Sewer Creep Header

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