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Meet Neesh, a magical little fixer-bot who can't help herself but to go around fixing everything that is broken. No matter how long it takes her, the task will get done.

Dudebox released Neesh as a part of their Big Dudes series. The Big Dudes stand 7.5” in height, while the Mini Dudes measure 3” tall. Designed by artist Hicks, Neesh makes use of the Big Dude Ted platform design and a wide array of colors.

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The Facts

Series: Big Dudes
Manufacturer: Dudebox
Artist: Hicks
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 7.5” tall
Points of Articulation: 3 (shoulders and neck)
Edition Size: 300 pieces
Pricing: £39.95 - $59.99

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The solid cardboard box features artwork on all sides. If you like the character, you'll like what Hicks has done with the packaging design. There's an illustrated version of the figure design on the front, with character illustrations (not fitting the Ted platform) on the sides.

Inside, the figure comes secured between a pair of interlocking plastic trays. And packaged in there is a certificate of authenticity.

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Our Opinion

Out of the three toy platforms that Dudebox has released, I think the Ted design is the most unique. It has a robot vibe to it, and as you can see from Hicks' design...that's the route he went with Neesh.

When I first saw this design, I actually thought it was designed by Attaboy (Daniel does have some production pieces from Dudebox). It uses a black base with shades of pastels for the detail work. As you probably notice, there's a lot going on with the asymmetrical character design. And those details aren't just limited to the front of the figure. The back gives you more of a robotic look, with a myriad of shapes.

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As far as the actual figure, I didn't have any issues with the articulated joints. They move well, but aren't too loose. While the majority of the figure is rotocast vinyl, the legs and feet are made of ABS plastic (I believe). It's probably a smart move, as a number of larger fully rotocast figures end up having balance issues due to the vinyl becoming softer.

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The pad printing is very well done. The only thing I noticed was a not-so-straight black line by the left ear, which probably wouldn't noticeable unless you're looking for it.

Overall, I think it's a pretty cool design with a lot going on. Too much going on? Some might say so. But I like noticing something new every time I look at any given toy.

You can pick one up at the following:

Mindzai: $59.99
Dudebox: £39.95 (around $63)

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