Noisy Boy's been announced that 3A Toys is going to continue producing toys from their Real Steel license (Ambush has been released and Midas was available to pre-order). I have the Ambush figure and despite a few issues with a piece not being glued in properly, the thing is amazingly detailed.

The next robot will be Noisy Boy. If you've seen the film (I've seen it about 50 times because my son is obsessed with Real Steel), you know just how complex this character will be to produce in an ultra-realistic manner. It has LEDs on its wrists. I've included a photo above from Hollywood Movies Costumes & Props that gives you a good idea of the life-sized version of Noisy Boy.

So here's the thing...if 3A can make this figure a near perfect replica of its on-screen version...Toy of the Year.

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