Well...this is an interesting shift from Toy2R. We received an email this morning regarding the fate of Toy2R USA. I have posted, in part, the press release below.

Any thoughts on this move? Personally, I was a fan of the USA site because it was easier to maneuver and find the information you wanted. 

Toy2R - USA Division Closing - August 2012

While the Qeevolution continues, It is with deep regret that Toy2R USA is ending operations on August 2012. The decision for closure has been a logistical and unavoidable reasons. We venture to bring to your kind notice that Toy2R USA will be unable to provide further support for the USA base of operations.

Toy2R (Hong Kong) Limited will continue to provide its services to all its clients and evolving the Qee brand and launching several new and exciting projects direct from its base of operations in Hong Kong.

Several amazing artist projects are planned for release in 2012/2013 as well as other new licensing programs taking Toy2R to the next stage in its ever growing profile of designer art toy collaborations.

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