Suckadelic Rejects 1 Suckadelic Rejects 2

In a typically crass move to make more money, The Sucklord has once again found a way to market all the broken bits and rejected resin from the floor of the Suckadelic Sweat Shop.

The Rejects 2: Reanimators ($85.00 each)

During the process of creating Suckadelic bootleg figures, there are always the inevitable mistakes, miscast parts, purposeful screwing around, and general fails, resulting in an giant box of miscellaneous crap that we then proceed to slap together into ridiculous combinations that somehow come out cooler than our regular toys. That's what you have here, a grip of Unique Frankenstein Freaks and Failures in two packaging styles. No two figures are alike, some are amazing, some are like WTF? Who knows what you'll get? These are Sold Blind, no choosing allowed and no complaining! You decide if you can handle the random potency of the REJECTS!

Suckadelic Moo Shu

Chop Suey 2: Electric Moo Shu ($50.00 each)

Some parts from our reject box are so pathetic that they don't even qualify to be a crappy figure. No, these irredeemable bits and chunks find their way into a bottom-of-the-barrel stir fry known around here as Chop Suey. Each container is packed with a combination of Awesome Lost Gems and actual Garbage. Piled into a hand painted takeout container and sold with a pair of customized Chop Sticks (don't ever eat with them!) Each one contains a pile of Suckadelic history in the form of random What-The-Hell? Each box is completely Unique and special, (As if Unique Garbage is something special)

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