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Dudebox has released a pair blind box series featuring the use of their three platform toys – The Dude, Ted, and Scratch. The Big Bang and The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection feature a total of 23 unique designs from 15 different artists. I'm assuming each artist was able to choose the platform design he/she wanted to use, with each one being well represented.

Dudebox sent us one blind box from each series. The designs we received – via blind box - are Eugene McGeekson (The Big Bang) by Andreas Krapf and Big Red Dude (The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection) by Chauskoskis. Both of them make use of The Dude platform.

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The Facts

The Dude
Series: The Big Bang; The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection
Manufacturer: Dudebox
Artists: The Big Bang - Attaboy, Andreas Krapf, Mark Gmehling, Bunka, Grapheart, Travis Price, 2Much, Drunk Park, Dust, Sebastien Pie; The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection – Attaboy, The Yok, Jonny Wan, Mark Gmehling, Chauskoskis, Andreas Krapf, Suki Bamboo, Drunk Park, Travis Price, Junichi Tsuneoka
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 3” tall
Points of Articulation: Either two or three depending on the platform
Designs: The Big Bang – 11 designs (ratios from 1/10 to 1/500); The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection – 12 design (ratios from 1/10 to 1/500)
Accessories: Some include accessories - Eugene McGeekson comes with a lollipop
Pricing: $9.99 to £6.95 ea. (around $11)

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Both Dudebox series are packaged in blind box style. They feature illustrations of the various characters, along with pull ratios, on the exterior of the box. Some of the rarer figures have been blacked out.

Inside, the figure is packaged in a yellow metallic bag. There's a small pamphlet with illustrations of the various designs, as well as the artists' names/logos who designed them. Inside of the bag, each figure includes a small, square card that features a small character illustration as well as artist information.

Dudebox Dude 17

Our Opinion

What once was a hot and bustling market, blind box series have cooled off over the past year or so. However, Dudebox has bucked that trend and released a pair of blind box series in quick succession. But since they are very similar (using the same platform designs and many of the same artists), I decided to combine them into one review.

Dudebox Dude 19

We received one blind box figure from both The Big Bang and The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection series...and they were the same platform design – The Dude. While he is obviously their “signature” design, it would have been nice to see how the other figures were constructed.

The Dude is an egg shaped rotocast vinyl figure. The two versions I'm looking at are the Big Red Dude from Chauskoskis and Eugene McGeekson from Andreas Krapf. The Eugene McGeekson figure includes an accessory (not all designs do), which is a half eaten lollipop.

Dudebox Dude 12

The first thing you notice is that the pad printing on these guys looks great. There is no sloppy paint to be seen. I did notice that the arm joints were a little loose on one of the figures. Also, Eugene's lollipop isn't super secure in that vice-like grip.

I like most of the designs in both series. Dudebox has gone off the map with some of the included artists, which is nice to see - especially when their designs are appealing. I like being able to view what new artists can do with a platform. And Dudebox was able to translate those designs into a solid product that can definitely hang with the big boys.

You can purchase one at the following:

Dudebox: £6.95 ea. (around $11)
Mindzai: $9.99 ea.

Dudebox The Dude Grades
Dudebox Dude 05 Dudebox Dude 04 Dudebox Dude 03 Dudebox Dude 15 Dudebox Dude 16 Dudebox Dude 06 Dudebox Dude 07 Dudebox Dude 08 Dudebox Dude 09 Dudebox Dude 11 Dudebox Dude 13 Dudebox Dude 14 Dudebox Dude 18 Dudebox Dude 20 Dudebox Dude 22 Dudebox Dude 21

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