Sideshow Snowtrooper 1

Sideshow Collectibles has announced an addition to their Militaries of Star Wars series. The Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure is available in both a regular and Sideshow Exclusive version, each selling for $149.99. They are currently available to pre-order from the above link, with an anticipated shipping date in January 2013.

Sideshow Snowtrooper 3 Sideshow Snowtrooper 2

The Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure features:

• Cold weather assault gear including: Helmet, Face shield, Armored body shell, Survival backpack, Arm guards, Shoulder pauldrons, Knee guards and Elbow guards, Heavy cold weather boots, Heavy cold
• E-11 Carbine blaster
• Thermal detonator
• Snow covered display base
• Sideshow Exclusive: Vintage Blaster Rifle

Sideshow Snowtrooper 4

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