3DRetro Ragnar GID 2

3DRetro will be spending San Diego Comic Con at Frank Kozik's booth (#4734). One of their latest SDCC exclusive announcements is Ragnar's Pepper Glow in the Dark Edition. Limited to a run of only 100 pieces, this 6" tall figure will sell for $40.00.

With a somewhat confused look on his skull face, Pepper holds two smaller objects (1 in each hand). As with the other Pepper's released in the past, the hat is removable and the base is also a separate piece. For those who didn't know, every Pepper released has not only had a different color to him but also a different skull for the hat, different arms and different accessories. GID Pepper will be available at the 3DRetro/Kozik booth as well as Ragnar's booth.

3DRetro Ragnar GID 1

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