MattyCollector 2013 Clubs has unveiled the three subscriptions that will be offered for 2013. Gone are the Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Series and Voltron: Club Lion Force. Joining the Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia and DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, for 2013, will be the all-new Watchmen Club Black Freighter - based on the Watchmen comic series.

While they are only $25.00 or $30.00 to join, the subscriptions break down like this:

Club Eternia: 1 club exclusive figure, 12 monthly figures, 4 beasts/variants/multi-packs - $505.00 plus shipping/taxes/fees
Club Infinite Earths: 1 club exclusive figure and 12 monthly figures - $246.00 plus shipping/taxes/fees
Club Black Freighter: 6 figures - $150.00 plus shipping/taxes/fees

Subscriptions are available to purchase until Monday August 6th 2012 at 11:59PM PT. And new for 2013...all Club subscribers will receive early access to all non-subscription products.

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