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David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim and Pretty Ugly LLC have released another new Uglydoll from the 2012 collection. This one is the big pink ugly-dragon (maybe?) with blue teeth named Gragon.

And here is what Gragon's tag says:

No way. No, not going. Forget it! Are you joking? Remember the part about me saying OK? Well that part has changed to the other answer. Wait. Oh, I get to go with YOU? Ok but then I gotta be me, if I am going to roll with you. Just you be you and we will be cool like that. Yes way.

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The Facts

Series: Uglydolls
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artist: David + Sun-Min
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 12” tall
Pricing: $20.00

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As with most Uglydolls, Gragon sports the bright green swing tag with an illustrated version of the character on both the front and inside panels. The bio info, which is highlighted in the Background section above, is also printed on the the inside of the tag.

Uglydolls Gragon 01

Our Opinion

Gragon joins the elite group of flying Uglydolls. There's Ice-Bat, Poe, Babo's Bird, Picksey, Uppy, Ninja Batty Shogun...and I'm sure I missed a few others. Gragon looks like the Ugly-kid that would be birthed from a Poe and Ninja Batty Shogun romance.

Uglydolls Gragon 02

The bright pink winged Uglydoll features somewhat floppy/pointed ears. It has a black oval nose and two downward pointing curved light blue teeth. I assume that Gragon rhymes with Dragon because he/she is one. But you know what they say about when you assume...

Uglydolls Gragon 03

So what are my thoughts? Well, Gragon looks fairly similar to a few other Uglydoll characters (in design and color). I feel like there are several other very strong characters coming from the 2012 line in the very near future that I like more than Gragon. But I am going to guess that this one will be popular with the girls.

You can purchase one at the following: $20.00

Uglydolls Gragon Grades

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