…Of All Ages at SDCC

DKE SW SDCC12 Flatwoods

Scott Wilkowski has been busy putting skulls, skeletons and creepy creatures inside of his favorite designer toys for the …Of All Ages show, the follow-up to his Skin Deep solo show. In conjunction with DKE Toys, the show will premiere on July 11th 2012 at the DKE Toys booth #4728 during San Diego Comic Con.

There will be six hand-cast resin editions, limited to 25 pieces of two different colors each (50 total of each style).

The figures included in the show (along with prices) are as follows:

• Ferg’s Misfortune Cat - $125
• David Horvath’s Flatwoods - $125
• Frank Kozik’s Labbit 5” by Kid Robot - $150
• Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy - $250
• Brandt Peters’ Skelve - $300
• Kathie Olivas’ Two Faced Hazel - $300

Scott Wilkowski, Ron English, Ferg, David Horvath, and Frank Kozik will all be in attendance at San Diego Comic Con. There will be signings with all attending artists.

*Signing dates, Release dates and times to be announced.

DKE SW SDCC12 Labbit

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