Uglydolls: Mover and Handsome Panther

Uglydolls Handsome Panther Mover

June 2012 will see the release of a pair of new Uglydolls. Mover and Handsome Panther will both be released in four different sizes, ranging in price from $6.00 to $40.00.

MOVER goes. Man, I mean this fella simply doesn't stop! You know how some folks kinda sit around and need to be told what to do? Well, MOVER is the complete opposite. He sits around, having done everything by the time you woke up. Clean his room? Done. Make his bed? Don't have one. Take out the trash? Sad to see it go! Mover really needs you. Please help him slow down to smell the flowers, without picking them.

Yes you do!
Anyway, you love HANDSOME PANTHER.
Yes you do.

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