The Colorful World of Nuggets

toy nuggets

The Colorful World of Nuggets is a line of handmade plush toys celebrating "unity through the patchwork of color and playful wisdom to show that the right attitude makes for a better world". Characters include Ora, Nugs, and Flori. Look for the plush toys to retail around $30.00 each. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

4 thoughts on “The Colorful World of Nuggets

  1. I came across these delightful NUGGETS at the New York International Gift Fair.
    Bright, Colorful and Adorable, they get your attention right away I just had to pick one up.
    When I did pick one up, I was surprised how plush and soft they were and how well they were made.
    The attention to details, right down to the binding around the outside edges was impeccably done. Great Value!

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