taylored curiosities freshly caught feeling fruity

Penny Taylor (Taylored Curiosites) has released the second installment of her Freshly Caught Feelings. The summer edition (Fruity Feelings) consists of jam/pickling jars each lined with artificial grass. The handmade vintage tags explain which Feeling is inside the jar.

The mini plush stands 1.5" tall and is made of soft, red fleece with hand embroidered eyes and hand painted yellow 'pips' (fabric paint) to make them look like mini strawberry monsters. Each is stuffed with soft stuffing and strawberry aromatherapy.

Hidden in amongst the 40 Fruity Feelings are 5 rare white versions that are randomly numbered. These will retail for £10.00 each and will be available at the Taylored Curiosities shop in the next few weeks.

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