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Sucklord Sucktrooper

To coincide with the release of the Toy Lords Of Chinatown, the Sucklord has added three new items to the Suckstore. Pictured above, the Sucktrooper Bootleg Figure is a 3.75" tall resin that's limited to a run of 70 pieces. You can pick one up for $75.00.

The Sucklord 600 Vinyl Figure - Silver Edition is a 5" tall rotocast figure that's limited to a run of 150 pieces, selling for $65.00 each. Finally, the Art Pass Suck-Wallet is described as a "crappy wallet that only a teenager should be caught using." Purchase one for $8.00.

Sucklord Sucklord600 Siver Sucklord Suckwallet

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