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With the BITS show coming up on May 6th 2012 at Lot F Gallery in Boston, Bob Conge (Plaseebo) is showing off one of his crazy pieces HD-2 - or Humpty Dumpty Reanimated.

The Pre-story:

In April Todd and Will sent me a grab bag of bits and pieces from their studio in Boston to use in building a figure for the "BITS" show at Lot F Gallery.

I was hesitant at first as it felt like having someone else pick out the colors you could paint with. But the idea grew on me and I could not resist the opportunity to work with those wonderful vacuum tubes. My original thought was to use everything they sent to me in one large figure. However as I began sketching, HD2 showed himself to me and I could not resist bringing him back from the dead.

Plaseebo HD2 3

The Backstory:


Humpty Dumpty Reanimated
© bob conge 2012

We all know how the first half of this story goes: H D was sitting on a wall / had a great fall / and no one could put him back together again.

Well not until 1801, when a German stone mason named Wilhelm Trowels Point, came across these strange looking white shell like pieces in the soil at the base of a wall he was repairing on the grounds of the young Victor Frankenstein.

Victor recognized the pieces immediately as being from the legendary egg like creature and thus began his first and far less well known foray into reanimation many years before the Doctors infamous second attempt. In many ways this was the more successful of his experiments and HD-2 became a most capable lab assistant to the good Doctor until his death some 52 years later.

HD-2 ran out of power a few weeks later and was sold with contents of the castle that following spring. Nothing is known of his whereabouts until May of 2005 when I purchased him from an old curio shop in London.

HD-2 has been a valued assistant in the Plaseebo shop these past seven years.

Plaseebo HD2 2

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