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Over the past few years, one of the most sought-after vinyl figures has been the Real Fighting Greasebat. Designed by Jeff Lamm, sculpted by Chauskoskis and manufactured by Monster Worship, this Japan-made vinyl figure has been the proverbial white whale for many a designer toy collector.

Luckily, Monster Worship has released a new color variant of the giant monster. And you can learn all about him, as we take a closer look at the Aurora Mixed Glow Greasebat.

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The Facts

Greasebat – Aurora Mixed Glow
Series: Real Fighting Greasebat
Manufacturer: Monster Worship
Artist: Jeff Lamm
Sculpted by: Walter Jacott (Chauskoskis)
Material: Rotocast vinyl (Made in Japan)
Dimensions: 7" tall
Points of Articulation: 3 (neck and shoulders)
Edition Size: Limited Edition
Pricing: $75.00

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This Greasebat version comes bagged with brand new header card artwork. Jeff Lamm's art on the front features an angry green Greasebat going on a rampage through a city. The card back has a pencil drawing of the vinyl as well as all of the important information regarding the production of the Greasebat toy.

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Our Opinion

Truth be told, I've purchased three Greasebat variants. And while I'm a fan of the design, I will be giving you a completely unbiased review here.

Walter Jacott, you probably know him as Chauskoskis, is responsible for the Greasebat sculpt. If you've seen any of his custom pieces, you realize just how talented Walter is at sculpting. And this figure reflects that talent. It's loaded with details: scales on the body, arms, and head; little bubbles on the top of the head; wrinkles on the legs. And it does a great job of transitioning Jeff Lamm's design to toy form.

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However, there are two things I want to make note of. The wings are glued on to the arms, so I'd probably limit my twisting and turning of those wings. Also, while the neck is articulated, it's not a straight cut. If you try to turn the head to look over Greasebat's shoulder...the joint will look a little weird. Nothing major here.

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Paint-wise, there's not a lot going on. The interior of the mouth is painted pink, and the eyes appear to have been stamped with black dots. One thing I would like to see is a Greasebat colorway that has googly eyes similar to Jeff Lamm's illustrated version. (There might be some of those out there that I just missed)

Monster Worship's toys are produced in Japan, and the Aurora Mixed Glow Greasebat lives up to the high standard we put on Japanese vinyl. There's a nice, glossy feel to the piece. And since this is a glow-in-the-dark vinyl, you probably want to know how it looks with the lights out...

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This colorway has grown on me. It's basically a mash-up of the green body from the NYCC Version A Greasebat and the arms and head from the GID Greasebat (sans any painted accents). And while I'm not always a huge mash-up fan, I think this one works. Would I have liked to see some more paint accents? Sure. But there's something to be said for clean and simple.

You can pick one up at the following:

Monster Worship: $75.00

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