blamo bandit

Blamo Toys is welcoming Bandit in a limited edition colorway.

"Bandit is Rice Baby's second cousin once removed and is still in transit to BLAMOville. Bandit specializes in the acquisition of stuff from others. A repo monkey of sorts, but with a focus on the unwanted. Basically Bandit steals away worries and sorrows for free!"

This limited edition (20 pieces) White and Grey colorway will be available for $220.00.

blamo frog dog

Another new Blamo character, Frog Dog will be offered in a limited edition colorway.

"While sailing the Straight of Juan de Fuca Frog Dog was transformed into this present form and blessed with the characteristics of both frog and dog. Frog, known for bringing wealth and dog, known for being a (wo)man's best friend.This fortunate combination is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face."

The Frog Dog in silver is a limited run of 5 pieces. This collaborative piece between Spencer Hansen and Aleph Geddis will be available for $220.00 each.

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