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The Goofy Grin Monsters is a new line of four plush characters who are...well...monsters with grins that could be considered goofy.

Goofy Grin Village is a place where only monsters with the goofiest and biggest grins live. Each monster possesses special skills and a unique personality that they bring together to create an exciting and sometimes mischievous community.

Sloan is the mayor. Candy is the carefree, playful chef and baker. BoJoe is the forest ranger, carpenter and farmer. And Irmi is the mad scientist of Goofy Grin Village.

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The Facts

Goofy Grin Monsters
Series: Goofy Grin Monsters
Manufacturer: Z & Z Toys Corp.
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 15” to 17” tall
Designs: BoJoe, Candy, Irmi, and Sloan
Pricing: $27.50 ea.

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The simple hang tag features the Goofy Grin Monsters' logo on the front. Inside, there's a little summary of the line on the left (reprinted in part above). And the right interior tag panel features a photo of the plush, plus a bio of that character.

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Our Opinion

I'm not sure if I would call these grins goofy...although the monsters are a little silly looking. All four Goofy Grin Monsters characters feature the same body and head shapes. Oh...and the smiles are all the same, albeit not the teeth or tongues inside of those smiles.

Even though they're all the same shapes and sizes, each character has a unique look. Sloan has a faux leather jacket and sunglasses. And it looks like they might have shaved Scott Ian's goatee off (obligatory reference from the 1990's).

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BoJoe gets the award for “name I don't want to say out loud because I'm sure I'll mess it up and say something crude”. He looks like a country bumpkin...and is probably from the rural section of the Goofy Grin Village. Those jean overalls and the hair coming out of his ears means BoJoe only needs to grow a beard to complete his Hillbilly Jim look.

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Irmi is probably my least favorite of the group. It just seems like something could have been done with her body. While everyone else has a little something going on there (jacket, jelly beans, overalls), Irmi is just plain. She does have that tuft of green hair that makes me wonder if she is the bastard child of a Good Luck Troll.

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Finally, Candy is my favorite of the line. I like how they incorporated the various candies into the character design. “She has candy stick eyebrows, gumdrop teeth, licorice hair, candy corn claws and horns, and a cupcake nose. She loves to be tickled on her jellybeans too!” What girl doesn't...

Overall, I like the Goofy Grin Monsters line. They're priced perfectly at $27.50. I actually think it's a bargain, considering their size and the various fabrics used to produce each plush. Kids should love how colorful they are and plush collectors will easily be able to choose their favorite character.

You can pick one up at the following:

Goofy Grin Monsters: $27.50 each ($77.97 set of 4)

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