Oliver Bootlegs Dolls (specifically…Shawnimals)

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 1

We've written about Oliver Ocampo before. His Oliver Makes Dolls site had some rather interesting handmade plush designs. Apparently, original ideas are hard to find in the world of Oliver, as since that time...he's decided to simply bootleg other artists' designs.

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 3

It's somewhat amusing (although I'm sure not at all amusing for Shawn Smith and Shawnimals), but you can see how he progressed from "sorta" copying Ninjatown designs to just downright bootlegging them. Although Oliver says that "patterns created by and for Oliver Makes Dolls are done with the help of inspirations and designs".

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 2

It's just shameful to attempt to pass off other artists' ideas and hard work as your own. I've covered stories like this often, and I still don't understand how someone believes they can get away with copying another artist's work. Oh...and Oliver Makes Dolls runs "plush making workshops". I'd suggest a catchier name...something along the lines of "Bootleg Bonanza 3". 

8 thoughts on “Oliver Bootlegs Dolls (specifically…Shawnimals)

  1. Very shameful indeed! He actually posted one of my photos of a little bear I’ve made into a pattern, and claimed it as his own design. He also had the item available as a kit with all the things needed to make the bear.

    Not only that, but he then claimed that: ‎”Patterns created by and for Oliver Makes Dolls are done with the help of inspirations and designs abundant on the Internet. Any resemblance to existing designs is purely coincidental…”

    In my opinion, that kind of coincidence is no accident at all! Especially since he used my very picture to promote his kit!!

  2. I reported this to shawnimals the other day when I saw it. They did send me a message back saying they are going to look into this issue right away. Cannot believe people really have to stupe so low.

  3. I knew those plush designs looked familiar as well. Thanks Ginger Melon! At least we can bring this to light and hopefully stop it from happening.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  4. Wow that is crazy just saw there web site I saw some other plush doll call the avenger they look familiar with a vinyl toy . I’m glad I got my stuff copyright !!!!!

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