NotM12 4 front

Shawnimals has announced their April 2012 Ninja of the Month - Eel Ninja. This one will be available on Wednesday April 4th 2012 starting at 1:00PM CDT. For $30.00, you'll get one of a limited edition of 100 pieces. The Eel Ninja features "amazing, aerodynamic fins", a character sticker and a character button.

NotM12 4 buttonsticker

From the tag:

"This streamlined aquatic master of stealth reveals two very important things: First, Aqua Ninjas have a leader and he is stunning, mysterious and slippery. Second, any water-based Ninja is a direct descendant of... Hydroshi the Sea Slug?! Ninjatown has many amazing secrets!"

NotM12 4 tag NotM12 4 fin2

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