Monstrehero luckybags

Today (February 13th 2012), Monstrehero will be releasing their 2012 Lucky Bags. Each bag gets you at least three full-sized figures and an assortment of minis, smaller works, odds and ends, and more.

"Almost every sculpt and character in the Monstrehero canon is represented, PLUS never-before-seen sculpts, unreleased colorways, prototypes, one-offs and art show pieces will be randomly included. This is a great jumping on point for new MH collectors and a fantastic supplement to any existing collection.

ALSO, for the first time ever, we introduce MONSTRE-POINTS! These first issue one-of-a-kind coins feature the visage of one of our most near-and-dear creations, the venerable VICTIM #1, and will be redeemable for exclusive MONSTRE-SWAG in the future."

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