Max Toy Lady Maxx Max Toy Kaiju Dualos

Max Toy Co. has announced their Wonder Festival 2012 Winter exhibition details. Taking place on February 12th 2012 at Makuhari Messe, Max Toy Co. will be in booth number 7-16-03.

The following are the items that they will have on sale:

1. Kaiju DUALOS
2. CHIYO-CHICHI (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
3. CHIYO-CHAN (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New colorway
4. YAMAMAYA (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
5. KAMINEKO (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) Selling again
6. Kaiju NEGORA
7. LADY MAXX (DVD costume version)
9. MICRO EYEZON (unpainted various colors )

Max Toy Lady Darkness Max Toy Azumanga Group Max Toy Kaiju Negora

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