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Attaboy is working on his next book is for wee lil' children types and goofy adults. The Polka Dots: Learn to Polka! is a board book that's shaped like a polka dot.

It's about a silly little Polka Dot who has a hard time trying something new but finally does so with the help of his friends. It's fun, optimistic, simple and interactive. 

Well, Attaboy decided he wanted to produce his next book on his own:

"Hell, I'll just make a 1000 or so of these things, without them ugly barcodes, and send them to folks who really want them. Good homes who want something different. Small stores, museums, fans of whatever it is that I do, and as a thank you, I'll include levels of goodies and surprises for folks who support it. Plus a 1st edition of the book!"

So...head over to Kickstarter, where Atta's looking to raise $5,000 to get the project off of the ground. It will only be funded if that amount is raised by Friday March 16th 2012 at 3:52AM EDT. (and there are lots of different funding levels)

Attaboy Polka 2

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