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Topozoo is the first collection designed and produced by Geared For Imagination. The eco-friendly line of 3-D puzzles feature interlocking pieces of recycled wood and felt made from recycled bottles. The Topozoo series is released in single character sets or three figure playsets.

We were sent the Topozoo Owl, which “includes a handsome owl puzzle ready for woodland adventures”.

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The Facts

Topozoo Owl
Series: Topozoo
Manufacturer: Geared For Imagination
Material: Recycled Wood and Felt
Dimensions: 10” tall x 8.5” wide
Points of Articulation: Zero
Pricing: $14.99

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The Topozoo Owl is packaged in a flat cardboard box. It has a front opening that allows you to see the product inside. The writing on the package is in green, which makes it a little difficult to read. But since this is more likely to be a child's play toy, I'm guessing not many people will be keeping the box.

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Our Opinion

I feel that the Topozoo Owl might be the best representative of Geared For Imagination's Topozoo line. Unlike some of the sets, it features both wood pieces and several felt layers. It actually includes six pieces in total, which are then layered on top of one another.

The Topozoo line is entirely interchangeable. That's what makes the three figure playsets appealing. For example, there's a dinosaur set. Each dinosaur is one solid color. But you can swap out parts to create crazy, new dinos.

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There's also the Topozoo website. You can go there to download “layers”. These are pdf templates that you can print out, color, and add to your wood Topozoo character. Wings? They'd look good added on to an owl.

I think the term “puzzle” best describes the Topozoo line. I don't see these being uber-popular with collectors. Aspiring collectors – aka the children of collectors – will get the most fun out playing with a Topozoo set. While they're fun to assemble, disassemble and switch around...they're also not as “playable” as an action figure.

You can pick one up at the following: $14.99

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