Gravescab Skell

Here's a pretty interesting concept. Gravescabs combines free podcasts, a plush character and various outfits for that plush to wear. Here's a description from the artist:

Gravescabs is a podcast and toy line from the imagination of M. Amanuensis Sharkchild! Not only is there an episode and story about each unique Gravescab, there is a toy to collect alongside it! A Gravescab is a collectible and reversible plush cover that slips over a base plush toy called a Skell—together these toys combine to form what is called a Gravescab.

I will be doing a review of the line in the upcoming weeks, so I will have more details at that point. So far, they have released the Skell base plush ($12.99) and two episodes - Stoneway and Nervesale ($10.99 each).

Gravescab Stoneway Gravescab Nervesale

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