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The February 2012 Ninja of the Month - from Shawnimals - will be released on Wednesday February 1st 2012 at 1:00PM CST. This month, the NOTM is the Dumpling Ninja.

NotM12 2 back NotM12 2 porkpet

From the tag:
"At first we were scared the Ninjas were eating these dumplings but it turns out they simply work at a dumpling pet shop! Phew. Dumpling Ninja tends to all of the various domesticated dumplings, and helps find the perfect match for any friendly ninja who walks through the door."

For $30.00, you'll get this 7" x 7" plush Ninja limited to 100 pieces, a character sticker and a character button...oh and the special feature - that little dumpling.

NotM12 2 buttonsticker

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