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Merriam-Webster defines bellicose as “favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars”. They define bunny as a “rabbit; especially : a young rabbit”.

Over the last few years, retailer 3DRetro has not only been selling designer toys...they have also been producing art collectibles. One of their recent releases was a collaboration with artist Nathan Hamill. The two worked together to release Nathan's Bellicose Bunny vinyl collectible.

Forged by the stars and space alike, and stuff and things, the Bellicose Bunny was enlisted by top minds throughout the universe to seek out, thwart and destroy all known evil. Equipped with a pair of space goggles and the Sword of Ulyssia, he mounted his Daucus: Class 8 Rocket and embarked on his quest. Now he's reached this galaxy and needs our help in his noble mission. Hear his cry for peace: 'Starbunny Fields Forever!'

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The Facts

Bellicose Bunny Regular Edition
Manufacturer: 3DRetro
Artist: Nathan Hamill
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: About 7.5" tall by 7.5" long
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Regular Edition; Radioactive GID Edition; Stinker Edition
Edition Size: 200 pieces
Pricing: $49.95 - $50.00

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The Bellicose Bunny vinyl comes packaged in a fairly standard window front box. It features a large window with the figure's name and artist info on the front. The back has an illustrated scene featuring the Bellicose Bunny in black, white, red and pink. Inside, the vinyl is held in a single plastic tray.

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Our Opinion

Bellicose Bunny, the second vinyl figure released by artist Nathan Hamill, is a rabbit on a rocket...well, a carrot rocket. Following Nathan's Boris the Raccoon, it appears that there's an animal theme going on here. Unlike Boris, the Bellicose Bunny has been released by the folks at 3DRetro.

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The vinyl figure is a close replica of the illustrated version. The only difference I noticed was that the ears on the illustrated bunny sit a little closer to its eyes. There's no articulation to the figure, but it's a piece that wouldn't have gained much from a neck joint.

As far as vinyl quality goes...not much vinyl has come across the Plastic and Plush review desk over the past year. Part of that is due to the increase in vinyl production costs, combined with the ease of self-producing resin figures, adding in the overall economy. Luckily, 3DRetro has put out a pretty solid piece.

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I'll start off by saying that you can see the seam of the rotocast plug around the rabbit's tail. It's only noticeable when you look “butt-on”, and I'm guessing you won't be displaying your figure that way. The vinyl is a hard rotocast. And the paintwork is really well done.

I can't tell if the majority of the painting was pad printing, but if it looks that way...you know it's done correctly. Especially when the painting is done on top of sculpting work. If you check out all of the rivets in the carrot rocket, they are all raised sculpts that have been painted without slop.

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So your decision ultimately comes down to whether or not you like Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny character. While it's not my favorite character designed by Mr. Hamill, I really like the execution. If it would have just been the rabbit, you could probably take 10 points off of the final score. But by adding that carrot rocket ship, they've given you a background story...one that you can create in your head.

You can pick one up at the following:

3DRetro.com: $49.95
Dragatomi: $50.00
Tainted Visions: $49.95

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