dke graveyard

What does a toy distributor do with damaged toys? Turns them into a fundraiser of course! All year, DKE Toys puts broken toys under the stairs in the DKE warehouse in what has become known as "The Graveyard".

On Saturday November 5th 2011 from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, DKE Toys will allow you to pick through this lot of missing box, broken piece, smudged, fudged, no arms, vinyl and designer toys all at Crazy Eddie discount prices and feel good about it! All the proceeds go to the Los Angeles Fire Department "Spark of Love" Holiday Toy Program.

In addition, visit the DKE Garage Sale where DKE will offer all kinds of action figures, new and loose from Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, Power Rangers and more. Dig through books, magazines, posters and other fun knick-knacks. Who knows what you will find!

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