suckpax 3

Yes, the long-awatied final installment of the legendary Suckpax Artist trading card trilogy - Suckpax 3 - has been released. Created by the Super-Sucklord and produced by Sidekick Lab, Suckpax 3 will prove to be the best Suckpax set yet. There are a total of 200 numbered boxes produced with 24 packs per box at only $120 each (box).

Each Box MAY contain SOME of the following

• Rad Base cards
• Weird un-numbered shit
• Lenticular Puzzle pieces
• SUCKLORD one-of-a-kind sketch card
• Sketch cards by other dope artists
• Defaced and altered Vintage Trading cards
• Stickers
• Artifact cards
• Scratch-N-Sniff cards
• Random shit

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