notm10 front

Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month for the month of October 2011 is the Mastermind Ninja. The handmade 7" x 7" plush is limited to 100 pieces, selling for $30.00 each. Each Mastermind Ninja includes a signed and numbered fancy hang tag, Mr. Demon bling, a pet Lumpbox, a character sticker, and a character button.

notm10 lumpbox

This Ninja of the Month is available beginning today (Wednesday October 5th 2011) at 1:00PM CT.

"We're not sure what went to this ninja's head first—the power or the cookies.Whatever it was, something transformed him into a criminal mastermind, determined to gain control of Ninjatown from the inside out. Thing is, who's he really doing it for? Mr. Demon... or himself?"

notm10 mask

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