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Mono Taxali is the new 304-page hardcover book from artist Gary Taxali. It features "four-color printing on laid paper and special varnishes" and 175 pieces of Taxali's lowbrow, vintage comic inspired artwork. The book was published in Milan, Italy by the 27_9 publishing house, and is the second book from their Mono Series.

Mono Taxali 2

The artwork in Mono Taxali is very well presented. It varies from full page pieces to several drawings/paintings on the same page. The name and date of each work is presented alongside the work. And while I am not always a fan of laid paper, I feel that the ribbed texture really fits Taxali's 1930's era comic style.

You can purchase Mono Taxali from a number of bookstores. You can pick one up directly from Gary Taxali (signed) for CA$65.00 (right around $65.00 US). And 27_9 also has the book for $56.45.

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