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A few years back, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim released a book entitled Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse. The Uglyverse is where all of the Uglydoll characters live. Well, they've built on that premise and added a new line of 10” tall Uglydolls named the Citizens of the Uglyverse. We'll be taking a look at the first six Citizens to be released.

Brad Luck: Brad is one lucky guy. Well for starters you’re reading his tag. What a lucky break! The next thing you know, you guys will be sitting across from each other sending text messages to other people far away, just like they do in the movies! Horray for Hollywood! He’s also lucky because you know how silly that sounds.

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Nopy: Nopy is small. Nopy is tiny. Nopy is a wee lad. Nopy is HUGE! That’s right! He may be small on the outside, but has big things going on on the inside! Big dreams, big ideas, and big plan for the two of you. You’re into being a part of something big, right? Well then follow little Nopy. He’ll make it happen for you. Big time!

Meetso: Meetso is a socialite. He likes being with the “in” crowd. Obviously your in the “in” crowd by the looks of your selection in fashion. To him, everyone is "in" as long as they feel they are. Oh and forget the text message stuff, if possible Meetso would like to meet your buddies in person. Text messages never have snacks to share, right?

Quippy: Quippy is a very happy girl. She brings a smile with her everywhere she goes. OK so she smiles on the inside, but just being around her makes everyone feel joy, with little rainbows coming out and hearts pouring out of all 3 eyes. Wait, that’s gross. Anyway, yay she’s one happy girl.

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Querit: Querit is a middle of the road sort of fella. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too spicy, not too much ice. Well that’s during the week. On the weekend, Querit is a case of dynamite! One minute he’s considering signing up for the gym, and the very next thing you know, KAPLOW!…he’s playing role playing RPG games in the basement! Wild!

Sour Corn: To be honest, Sour Corn isn't a miss goodie two shoes. She's more like get out of my way no shoes. But if you keep it real, she's going to be on your side. But what does keep it real mean? It might mean be yourself and don't be influenced by the stuff on TV and all that, or it may just be the opposite of keeping it fake. Keeping it fake is not the way to go. Sour Corn likes you, you've passed.

The Facts

Citizens of the Uglyverse #1-6
Series: Citizens of the Uglyverse
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artists: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim
Material: Plush
Dimensions: Approximately 10” Tall Each
Designs: #1 – Brad Luck; #2 – Nopy; #3 – Meetso; #4 – Quippy; #5 – Querit; #6 – Sour Corn

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They've changed up the tag design with the Citizens of the Uglyverse line. The exterior has a metallic look to it. The inside is very similar to the regular Uglydoll series, with the bio on the right panel and the illustrated character on the left.

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Our Opinion

The Citizens of the Uglyverse aren't as tall as the Classic Uglydolls, but they aren't as short as the Little Uglys. They fall somewhere between the two lines (in height and price). I seem to imagine these characters as the “Ancillary Uglydolls”. They're the random folks you see walking around the Uglyverse.

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Out of the first six releases, I feel the standout designs are Querit and Brad Luck. This might be because I am slightly biased towards the animal looking Uglydolls. Querit is the character that looks a little like a dog. And with those big ears and teeth, Brad Luck resembles a rabbit. (If the name Brad Luck sounds a little familiar, David released a Brad Luck Dunny, in 2004, as a part of his 2-Faced Dunnys)

I think Sour Corn and Nopy are solid characters. I just like Sour Corn's could you go wrong with Sour Corn? I like that bright shade of green that's used for Nopy (I believe that we've seen that in other Uglydolls). Also, Nopy sports a nifty little hairdo.

Finally, I think Quippy and Meetso round out the six Citizens. The designs don't seem to jump out at me. Quippy reminds me of a long lost relative of Cinko, and Meetso looks like a deer in headlights.

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You can pick one up at the following: $15.00 ea.

Citizens of the Uglyverse Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 7/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Brad Luck: 9.1/10
Nopy: 8.8/10
Meetso: 8.5/10
Quippy: 8.6/10
Querit: 9.2/10
Sour Corn: 8.8/10

uglyverse brad luck 01 uglyverse brad luck 05 uglyverse brad luck 06 uglyverse meetso 01 uglyverse meetso 02 uglyverse meetso 03 uglyverse meetso 05 uglyverse meetso 06 uglyverse nopy 01 uglyverse nopy 02 uglyverse nopy 03 uglyverse nopy 05 uglyverse nopy 06 uglyverse querit 01 uglyverse querit 02 uglyverse querit 03 uglyverse querit 05 uglyverse querit 06 uglyverse quippy 01 uglyverse quippy 02 uglyverse quippy 03 uglyverse quippy 05 uglyverse quippy 06 uglyverse sour corn 01 uglyverse sour corn 02 uglyverse sour corn 03 uglyverse sour corn 05

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