toy2r 36 Zombie Pirate Bear

Toy2R is now proud to include Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Zombie Pirate: Olaf the Mute 36” tall Artist Qee. The three foot tall piece is limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, having a suggested retail price of $2,800.00.

Background story below:

The gargantuan crewmember of the Whispering Corsair, prized for his great strength and unwavering loyalty to Captain Stūrnbrau, was discovered upon a rocky island, blanketed in thick mists. Protecting his adopted home, Olaf attacked the crew with his bare hands. Despite being well armed with cutlass & musket, many of the Corsair’s crew were rendered in twain by the enraged assailant until the dark captain strode fearlessly up to Olaf and offered him passage on his ship. Olaf accepted and has proved his worth in many a skirmish; always at the head of the charge into battle, no matter the odds.

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