uglydolls cookie chef babo

In the spirit of those proof of purchase mail-away figures we all used to love, Uglydolls offers Cookie Chef Babo. He is a redemption when you purchase $25 worth of Uglydoll products, you can mail in for a Cookie Chef Babo. Forms should be available where you purchase your Uglydolls from.

Cookie Chef Babo's background story:

If the cookie is the reward and baking is the hard work, then Babo knows you understand what it takes to get from point A to point B. It takes 2 minutes? No no Babo…OK, look…Sure you can grab packaged cookies or pop some ready-made dough in the microwave with all that radiation, etc…but if you work at it and give it your all, you can enjoy the truly rewarding taste of baked goodness…Ok, he ate the dough, never mind.

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