3AA box

If you're a 3AA member over at ThreeA, then you've probably heard about a little shipping snafu with the 3AA Membership Boxes that were sent to US residents. A majority of people have received someone's ID card and sweatshirt...just not their own.

But Ashley Wood and the ThreeA crew have stepped up and rectified the situation. And kudos to them!

ThreeA will replace all hoodie’s and cards for effected members, no need to send anything back, just keep what you have and wait for replacements. All recalled and stopped deliveries will be sent to their rightful 3AA members ( this could take a while so be hang in there ).

We know this sucks, we have spent the lasts few days trying to figure out the best way to deal, so thanks for your patience !

any concerns or questions please email cs@threeaonline.com

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