Yesterday, we took a look at the best San Diego Comic Con exclusives. However, there were a number of new releases, prototypes, and sneak peeks available at the con. Now's the time to take a look at the top 12.

#12: Nosellots from Scott Tolleson

IMG 0246

#11: Fleabaine from MCA and Super Rad Toys

IMG 0624

#10: Fujisan from Bigfoot (Dragatomi)

IMG 0306

#9: 4-LOM from Sideshow Collectibles

IMG 0508

#8: Han Solo in Carbonite Mimobot from Mimoco

IMG 0612

#7: CrappyCat Series 1 from Unacat (DKE Toys)

IMG 0377

#6: Lurker from Skinner and Color Ink Book

IMG 0840

#5: Bunny Ride, Go from Brandi Milne and 3DRetro (Toy Break)

IMG 0232

#4: Captain America from Hot Toys (Sideshow Collectibles)

IMG 0539

#3: Glyan figures from Onell Design

IMG 0432

#2: Smell Me Marshalls from 64 Colors and Rotofugi

IMG 0409

#1: Cannibal Fuckface from Johnny Ryan and Monster Worship

IMG 0345

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